Mazda Update Toolbox FAQ

How to update

How can I update my existing maps or buy extras?

You can update your maps via Mazda Update Toolbox application/software. Please check the How to Guide for detailed information. Navigate to the ’Available update’ screen in the Update Toolbox where all updates are listed. Please make sure that you have switched on the navigation system at least once in your vehicle before attempting to update.

What is Mazda Update Toolbox?

Update Toolbox is a free-of-charge software that allows you to download, purchase, and install map updates to your navigation SD card. Without the Update Toolbox, you cannot download updates to your navigation SD card. Download the Update Toolbox here.
NOTE: Mazda SD-card: The SD card is built in your vehicle’s navigation system and it contains the navigation system licenses with the factory-installed map. To update the map on your navigation system, you need to remove the SD card from its slot (see image) and insert it into your computer’s SD card reader.

How often are maps updated?

Map update is continuous, Mazda Update Toolbox will automatically offer you the latest map update when SD card is inserted into the computer and Toolbox is started.

How long does it take to download and install the updates?

The download time depends on your bandwidth and the size of the map update file. To download content you need to have a broadband internet connection.

If I have more than one Mazda Connect navigation system, can I update them with the same content I downloaded?

No. Downloaded content can only be used with one SD card. The SD card is locked to the VIN number, therefore it cannot be used in another vehicle. You have to update each SD card individually to be functional in the vehicle’s navigation system.

I’m entitled for a free map update. I'm still within that period, but Mazda Update Toolbox does not show that to be the case.

You can check the free map eligibility on the Available updates screen in Mazda Update Toolbox. In case of concern, please contact your Mazda Dealer with as much detail as possible about the problem.

Mazda Update Toolbox - Installation

How do I download Mazda Update Toolbox?

You can download the Update Toolbox software from the website. Go to Update Toolbox download page directly.

Can I install the Update Toolbox on Windows?

Yes, Update Toolbox is compatible with all Windows OS versions supported by Microsoft (except server OS).

Can I install the Update Toolbox on Mac?

Yes, Update Toolbox is compatible with all MacOS versions supported by Apple.

How do I start the Update Toolbox?

When you downloaded and installed the Update Toolbox, launch it with the icon on your desktop. Remove your SD card from its slot in your vehicle and insert it into your computer (PC or Mac). The Update Toolbox will automatically read and recognize the navigation data on your SD card.
NOTE: Please make sure that you have turned on your vehicle's navigation system at least once before removing the SD Card and inserting it into your computer.

How can I obtain the latest version of Update Toolbox?

Once a new version of Update Toolbox is available, the program will automatically instruct you to update your current version. If you are uncomfortable using this automatic update method, you can choose to install the newest Update Toolbox from the site and download the installation program accompanying the latest version of Update Toolbox.

Mazda Update Toolbox – Usage

How can I create a Update Toolbox account?

To download map updates you need to create an account in the Update Toolbox application. Start the Update Toolbox, click on ’Registration’ and provide your name, email address and password.

I forgot my login email. What can I do?

If you forgot the email address that you used for creating the Update Toolbox account, you must register again. All the content that you have obtained previously will still be available to you, because content is locked to your SD card and not to your registration data.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Password link to recover your password.

Mazda Update Toolbox - Common Problems and Errors

Some files are missing/corrupted on my SD card.

If you made a backup with Mazda Update Toolbox, you can restore the original configuration from the backup file. Otherwise, please contact your Mazda Dealer.

Mazda Update Toolbox says I don't have enough free space on my SD card, but in the file browser, the free space shown is sufficient.

As a first step, please check that your SD card is not locked. If it is not, it is highly possible that the SD card of your system is damaged.

For Windows, please try the following link:

For OSX, please try the following link:

When I try to update Mazda Update Toolbox software, I get a 'Download error' message, and the installation fails. What should I do?

Download and install the Update Toolbox again from

Map updates – general

Why do I need to update my maps?

An up-to-date map guides you with the most accurate and efficient routing to help you save time. The road network is constantly changing, but having a fresh map ensures you have the wealth of information you need to find your destination with ease. This includes new and updated road networks, new build up areas, and thousands of Points of Interest—from gas stations to airports to restaurants and hotels. With a new map, you can be comfortable knowing that you have the latest information available for your MAZDA Infotainment system, providing you with a better overall travel experience.

Who is HERE Maps and where can I access more information on them?

HERE Maps is MAZDA’s digital map provider and is the world leader in premium-quality map data and content. HERE maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems made in both Europe and North America. To find out more, visit

The map / navigation system that I purchased does not contain a road that I know it exists and I am certain I have the most recent map update available. What can I do?

Map Reporter is an exclusive, easy way to inform MAZDA’s map supplier HERE about changes on the roads you drive and the POIs you are interested in. Millions of people everywhere help keep HERE’s maps up-to-date using this method. With its user-friendly Web interface, you can pinpoint the exact location where a map change may be needed. Simply visit, point, click and report changes.

Buy map updates

Is the online payment safe in the Toolbox/

The online payment system is operated by one of the world’s biggest online payment processor companies,, an affiliate of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). It uses https secure transmission data protocol. You provide your credit card data directly to WorldPay and Toolbox/ does not receive or store any sensitive data. WorldPay sends an information to Toolbox/ if your payment was successful or not.

What kind of payment methods can I use?

You have the following options to pay in the Toolbox which are provided by Worldpay payment provider:
Mastercard Debit
Mastercard Credit
VISA Debit
VISA Credit

I do not have credit cards for online payment. / I do not want to pay online.

At the moment online payment is the only accepted payment method. However, you can ask support in the Mazda Authorized Dealerships to update your maps.

How do I return or exchange the download product that I have purchased?

Downloaded digital products are not eligible for refund or exchange, for details read our Purchase Terms. In case you have a dispute, please contact the Customer Service.


Why does my screen go "blank" when I select Navigation on my Infotainment system?

Please check to make sure that you didn't accidentally place the tiny locking slide switch on the side of your SD card in the "locked" (downward) position. Make sure it is in the upward position and reinsert it into the SD card slot in the vehicle.

I have hardware problems with my navigation system. How should I proceed?

For advice on all navigation system hardware, please contact your Mazda Dealer.

How do I connect my system with my computer? I have no cables or other methods of connection.

Use an SDHC compatible SD card reader.

The navigation software/map/other content has been deleted or become corrupted from my navigation system. How can I restore it?

If you have a backup, you can use Mazda Update Toolbox to restore or recover your navigation system. If not, we suggest you to contact your Mazda Dealer.

How can I ensure that there is enough free space on my SD card for the map update?

Update Toolbox will warn you if there is not enough free space to download the product. You can check in the Update Toolbox on the left-hand side bar how much free space is left.

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