Roads are constantly changing. Get the latest map update and navigate with confidence thanks to updated roads, addresses, POIs, postal codes, road signs, lane guidance, and more.

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Latest map version
Map of Cyprus
2022 Q4 23CW18 (May 2023)
July 2023
Map of Europe
2022 Q4 23CW15 (May 2023)
June 2023
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The update includes:

  • Road network changes: Main changes include turn restrictions, one-way streets, new roads and addresses, roundabouts, lane guidance and more.
  • Updated POIs: To help you along your journey, your map comes with a wide range of POIs (Points of Interest). Find hotels, dealerships, tourist attractions, pharmacies, banks, ATMs, airports, parking garages and more.
  • New speedlimits, speed cameras: Speed limits may change. See the posted speed limit and know in advance the location of fixed speed cameras*. *Available only in countries where regulations allow such usage.